Hiking, Biking, Exploring…

Golf clubs, fishing rods, hiking shoes, climbing gear, mountain bike, swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen…have we missed anything? Oh, a camera. Don’t forget the camera. We are always amazed how many people skip through the Owens River Valley on their way to Yosemite or Death Valley, not realizing that just a mile or two off the highway they could find similar adventure and beauty while completely avoiding the crowds.

Local Attractions

Natural hot baths and soothing minerals are the mortal enemies of stress. If you are the least bit overworked or uptight, or if you need to unwind after a long bike ride or hike, then Keough’s Hot Springs is for you. Dip your aching feet into the warm water, then slip all the way in and feel your shoulders drop. Lay your head back, close your eyes and melt.  And float.  And float.  And smile.

  • Keough’s Hot Springs
  • Bishop Country Club
  • Lake Sabrina, South Lake, North Lake
  • Bristlecone Pines
  • Owens Valley Gorge
  • The Happy Boulders

Start your day with a hearty breakfast in Bishop, stop by one of our famous bakeries for sweet sustenance, and then…

Hang out for a while at the premier bouldering destination in the country.  Then tear down one of our many trails on your new fat bike.  Catch a trophy trout from a mountain stream so clear you can’t tell how deep it is. Earn a PhD in Relaxation with a massage at Keough’s, touch trees that predate Columbus and, finally, feel the exhilaration of a new perspective from high atop an Eastern Sierra mountain peak.

OK, that’s enough for one day.  Now back to the nearest Browns Campground for a well-deserved rest.  You can start all over again in the morning.